Wevr Virtual Studio

WVS enables interactive creators and teams to build virtual worlds and applications easily on game engines.

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A cloud platform focused solely on interactive creators and developers using real-time game engines.


Manage your distributed teams and organize your interactive projects.


Collaborate safely with artists and engineers together.


Automate your work in the cloud from day one and focus on your creativity.

The easiest, fastest and most cost effective path to cloud-automated builds for Unreal and Unity.

WVS Features

WVS is your build engineering team in the cloud

  • Automated Unity and Unreal cloud builds 
  • Securely deploy automated builds to Steam, Oculus, TestFlight, WebGL and Cloud
  • A comprehensive build and deployment dashboard
  • Distributed teams of artist, engineers, and producers all on the same platform
  • Web client to manage your team, project, and virtual studio from anywhere
  • Add distributed team members without needing an IT department
  • Industrial strength data security and data protection backed by AWS
  • Simple project archival with ability to build projects over time and engine versions
  • Easy version control for artists with a newly designed GUI desktop client
  • Preconfigured repositories for Unity and Unreal projects
  • Support for file-locking for easier and less error-prone collaboration
  • SSH key management made easy. No complex client configuration
  • Full interoperability with Git, enabling engineers to use their favorite Git client
  • A comprehensive command line interface (CLI) for technical users
  • Optimized Git LFS to handle large binary data files
  • Cloud orchestration on AWS with preconfigured runners for Unity and Unreal

Pay only for what you use, no per seat costs

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A growing virtual creator community.

We are empowering interactive creators and developers around the world to easily collaborate and share their projects, starting with an invite-only private beta.

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