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Introducing Wevr Virtual Studio

A platform for interactive creators to easily make, collaborate and share projects.

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  • Organize and easily iterate on your projects
  • Collaborate safely and showcase your creations
  • Focus on creativity and automate your work

“WVS is designed for creators embracing the Metaverse” - Luis Blackaller

WVS makes it easier for you to organize and iterate on your projects.

WVS provides unified version control for interactive assets and code, with a simple interface for artists. WVS is designed for all disciplines of game engine application development. Powered by the industry standard Git backend, customized for game engine workflows, you get all the benefits of version control without the headache.

WVS enables you to safely collaborate with other interactive creators and showcase your work.

WVS enables you to safely store your work locally and in the cloud and integrates with your current content creation apps and game engine workflows. Collaborate with your team privately or make your project public and increase discoverability of your projects. Fork a public project, make your own mod and reshare with your fans and the community.

Maintain focus and creative flow with WVS cloud-based workflow automation.

WVS automates routine tasks. Similar to automated workflows available to software engineers like CI/CB systems, WVS provides a set of out of the box automation flows and the ability to customize your own. For example - automatically converting file formats, rendering playblasts, asset validation checks, distributing your builds, and more.

Start on your first interactive project with WVS:

  1. Discover a public project
  2. Create or Mod your own
  3. Share your work
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WVS Early Access Features

  • Collaborate with teams or work individually
  • Unlimited projects in the cloud
  • Version control with full repository management
  • Project permissions for groups and subgroups
  • Multi-user collaboration with asset locking
  • Cloud-based artist automated workflows
  • Protect your data with safe AWS backups
  • Private and public projects
  • Gallery and public sharing

WVS Components

Desktop Client Manage projects and changelists
Web App Discover public projects, showcase assets
Flows Automate tasks such as rendering and creating builds
Plugins Integration with Maya, Blender, Unity, Unreal
Built on industry standards Git backend, optimized for large binary data Kubernetes, Docker devops backend hosted on AWS

A growing virtual creator community.

We are empowering interactive artists and developers around the world to easily collaborate and share their projects, starting with an invite-only private beta.

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